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Saving money on College textbooks.

Saving money on College textbooks.

A tower of used booksFor so many people in America College and University is becoming more and more prohibitively expensive. The class and course fees are expensive enough, without even factoring in the hundreds of dollars that you will spend every term on your College textbooks and required reading materials.

Again I feel the need to reiterate that I don’t think secondary College education should necessarily be free, and that I understand writing a textbook is a massive undertaking requiring hundreds maybe Syear to try and wipe out the used textbook market is not necessarily the most ethical practice in the world. Especially when you consider that the newer versions of textbooks might not even contain any new information, and are just updated so that new students have to buy new textbooks every year. It is a rort.

save money at college booksSo what we have been doing is looking for the best way for any student in America to find the best price for their College textbook’s. What we have discovered it is quite remarkable. There is a flourishing and burgeoning textbook rental marketplace. Something that would never even have occurred to me before I knew that it existed is renting your textbooks for the semester. All you have to do is go to your choice of textbook rental website, type in the name or ISBN of the textbook that you want and within a week it will be sent to you, along with a prepaid package for you to send it back to them when you’re done with. It really is that easy, and can save you literally thousands of dollars of your College life span. Under, just be very careful not to spill coffee or Red Bull on it.

But the thought of renting textbooks doesn’t appeal to everyone especially for those classes related to your major field of study, many people want to keep their textbooks. The best way for these people to get cheap textbooks is to either buy used textbooks, or use a comparison agent online like this one to compare textbook prices from all the various online textbook retailers.

Search engine such as this one is a great way to easily and quickly search the web to find the best price for your required textbooks. Again, all you have to do is enter the ISBN or the name of the book that you’re after and the comparison agent will do all the work for you, simply showing you a list of the various major retailers along with the cheapest price next to it.

And then if you decide that you in fact don’t want to keep the book, there are always ways to sell secondhand or even use a comparing tool to compare text book buyback prices.

Your College textbooks are always going to be expensive, but now you don’t have to break the bank just to get them for the term.