Saving Money at College

Love_is_in_the_books_by_mms92Hello and welcome to saving money at College. We are a group of young students looking to start a discussion on the best ways for college and university students to save money whilst studying. Everyone on every campus has their own little tips and tricks that they use to save every little cent that they can, because let’s face it, college and university are becoming ridiculously expensive. I don’t think education at a higher level should necessarily be free, but it should be a hell of alot cheaper than it currently is.

Wanting to better yourself through education should not cripple you financially for the rest of your life, so what we want to do is help every student in the country spend as little money as possible. Be it simply comparing book and textbook prices, or saving money on stationary, or even where to get the cheapest Ramen noodles this week, we want to share it all.