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Textbook Buying Advice for Students

Compare Textbook PricesBuying textbooks can be a daunting task for many new students, so here are some of my top tips and tricks to buying textbooks for college.

1. Don’t buy books unless you’re 100% certain that your class requires them. Take a few classes and suss everything out before you shell out money for textbooks you might not need.

2. Always check your campus library first. Some colleges demand that all required textbooks are put on on special reserve in the campus library. There is generally a 2 or 4 hour time limit on these books, but it is far better than nothing.

2.1. If you are desperate and have zero cash, use your digital camera to take photos of all the sections of the book that you will require. This might be a little time consuming, but it is surely better than splashing out the hundred dollars for a book that might on need once or twice.

3. You may also rent your textbooks for the semester. has a good list of many of the big names in this field.

4. Second hand textbooks. If you can find people that took the class last semester or last year that no longer want their textbooks, then feel free to snap them up. So long as the book isn’t too old, the information contained in it should be pretty much the same.

5. When scouting for the best prices for your textbooks, the first thing you should do is always check your local on campus store first to make note of the price before going on the web and searching for a better price for your books.

6. Finding the best price for your books online. There are many websites that you can use to search dozens of different textbook retailers at once. Chegg and or are two of my favorites and will save you plenty int he long run.

6.1 ALWAYS CHECK WHERE THE BOOK IS COMING FROM.Sometimes chegg will list books from India and China that are indeed cheaper, but will takes weeks if not months to get to you. Last week I ordered a book from comparebookprices, and the location wasn’t listed, so I simply sent an email checking where the book was coming from. Later that day I got an email back saying New York and within 4 days I was holding the book n my hands.