Money Saving Tips

Money saving tips

save money at collegeHere is where we ask for your help readers. We want to know what little tips and tricks that you use to save money whilst at college. Where you get cheap books and stationary, where to get fed at the lowest possible price without resorting to a soup kitchen? What do you do and how do you do it? Let us know.

We had some highly entertaining responses sent to us via email when we asked this question over on our Facebook page which ranged all the way from “sell your body, go to college, drink to blot out the terrible memories, profit” to more serious and actually helpful answers like checking out groupon for local deals and savings. Apparently many students also like to keep a close eye on their local stores garbage bins for food that gets thrown away but isn’t spoiled. I don’t think I will be going that far in my endeavours to save money, but its nice to know a little bit about it, if it ever comes down to that.

How else do you save money? When shopping for books and textbooks, do you simply search online or do you trek around town in a bid for the cheapest books out there? Where do you get your stationary? Hell even car maintenance tips are welcome. Tell us what you think.


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